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Powering Digital Connections.

We are Vime.
A digital agency born in BCN.


Supercharged SEO strategies that cover every detail.

By catering our Search Engine Optimisation services to your industry’s unique needs and audience expectations, organic visibility comes naturally. From keyword research to data analysis, technical SEO optimisation, and reporting, VIME defines data-driven methods that make brands rank first in any market and Search Engine.


We are experts in adaptation.

Due to constantly evolving and adapting Google algorithm, we deliver the latest and most data-driven SEO audits. Count on crawlability audits, JavaScript SEO analyses, indexing checks, log file analyses and site migration support. Our work goes beyond simple metrics. It’s about solving problems.

Digital PR

We get the word out.

We connect media and reputation and storytelling with a holistic approach. Our creative strategies help brands reach their audiences, and build relatibility and brand recognition on their way to the top.

Digital PR

The insights of a big agency with a warm curated approach.

We understand brands inside and out. We create new links between audiences, delivering tailor-made digital activations and creative angles that get maximum coverage, transcending channels and exceeding expectations.


Innovative + eye-catching multimedia projects.

Design, aesthetic, voice, and interaction are at the heart of our approach to organic strategy and content. Whether social media feeds require stimulation, or guerrilla campaigns need to run wild, crafting a visual narrative is fundamental to our approach.


Tackle content marketing strategically.

Drawing on the vast experience of our multicultural minded team we envision multi-channel campaigns and eye-catching, SEO-optimised  content, adapted to suit commercial needs and local markets.


We are connectors.

We build rapport and earn visibility by fusing brands with relevant media worldwide. Tailor-made pieces and features that captivate readers and distinguish brands from the rest.


Top-quality pieces. In over 15 different languages.

We write, deliver, and publish premium articles with naturally integrated backlinks. Prioritising brand cohesiveness along every step of the production process. The result is warm, native-looking content that drives organic visibility and boosts website authority in the Search Engines like Google and beyond.


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